Pool Update

Our pool needs help! Just as the Marina is an asset to the community, so is the pool. And thanks to Thor and Kay Coole it’s getting the attention it deserves from their newly formed pool committee. With the approval of the Sea Gate Board, Thor and Kay have come up with an extensive list of action items that address both the pool’s current condition and future requirements.

Some of these items can be done by volunteers and others need to be done by professionals. And of course it takes money.

With the pool scheduled to open in May, and before we can pass the Health Dept inspection, the pool needs to be drained and painted by professionals and the pool deck needs to be patched and painted by volunteers. Other projects include painting the bathhouse.

Right now, we need donations to pay for the draining and painting of the pool.

What can we all do to help the cause? Volunteer— help with painting, cleaning, repairs, etc. Contact Kay for more information. Join the pool. Money collected from pool memberships is used for the cost of pool operations. Electricity, insurance, pool maintenance, etc.(contact the marina) Donate whatever money you wish to the pool fund to help pay for pool upgrades (contact Kay Coole)

To join the pool, contact the Marina at 252-728-4126

To volunteer or make a donation to the pool fund, contact Kay Coole at 919-368-9054, kay.coole@cchhnc.org

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