Board Of Directors

The Sea Gate Association Board of Directors generally hold monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of the month, in the marina annex, at 7:00 PM — All members are welcome.

The meetings are announced on the electronic sign on the guard house.

John ImhauserPresident (Acting)(901) 219-7676gearjamer422000@yahoo.comApril 2022
Dennis OverbyVice President (Acting)(252) 732-7225overbyden@yahoo.comApril 2023
Teresa ShawSecretary(704) 616-1474seagatesecretary@gmail.comApril 2022
Deanna WilsonTreasurer(252) 504-2041seagatetreasurer@gmail.comApril 2021
Linda Smith(618) 203-0216ovenamae2@gmail.comApril 2023
Robbin Sisak(252) 955-2211robbin05@twc.comApril 2022
Danny Lassiter(Temp. Appointment)(919)
Donna Keeler(Temp. Appointment)
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